QAS Branding and Advertising


With 26695 clients served so far with our Branding & Advertising offerings, we make our presence impactful through various forms of brand promotions. We establish your brand philosophy and existence in the physical and digital space, by helping you achieve your branding and advertising goals with our 360° Business Branding services.

360° Virtual Tour
By embracing the latest technology such as, producing a 360° Virtual Tour video of your properties such as your hotel, spa, restaurant, club, real estate, plant, factory, project in progress or even your offices, is a fascinating way to familiarize your audience with what you have got. Hence, by creating immersive content with the use of innovative digital technology, we offer our clients power to tell their story with their very own 360° Virtual Tour video.

Product Enhancement
Enhance product visibility and attain better results with our guidance on pricing, bundling, designing, and presenting your product or service.

Designing Collateral's
Have a great business idea, but can’t think of an apt name? At Quality Application Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we brainstorm with you in choosing the right name and tagline for your company, from font styling, colour, brand guidelines to even identifying your right target audience, and much more. We assist your brand - take-off in style.

Our range of collateral designing services includes

  • Logo designing
  • Website design & development
  • Marketing Collateral's
  • Stationery design & print
  • Packaging design & print, etc.

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