What we do

Our services


We are a 360° BPO company that believes in investing our back-office and front–office process management expertise in empowering businesses and new start-ups.

A committed team with a combination of

  • Skillsets in the field of marketing & sales
  • Substantial local reach
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Expertise in business process management services and
  • Operational experience of building successful businesses
Our wide range of services includes

QAS Back Office Support

  • Customer acquisition application form processing
  • Document Scanning
  • Compliance Check

QAS Data Management Services

  • Expert Analysis
  • Live Reporting
  • Data Security
  • Tailor-made Reports

QAS Branding and Advertising

  • 360° virtual tour
  • Product Enhancement
  • Designing Collaterals

QAS Business Consultancy Services

  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Strategic Market Planning
  • Market Penetration
  • Startup funding

QAS Contact Center

  • Customer Service
  • Grievance Management
  • Pre and Post Sales Service
  • Order Processing Services

QAS Human Resources

  • Candidate Screening
  • Candidate Authenticity
  • HR policies & Procedures
  • Campus Recruitment

QAS Training and Development

  • Corporate Training
  • Skill Enhancement Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Leadership Training

QAS Sales and Marketing

  • Industry Expertise/Experience
  • Field Marketing Services
  • Face to Face Sales
  • Telesales
  • Event based sales

QAS Other Services

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
  • Photography Services

In the past two decades, Quality Application Solutions Pvt. Ltd has successfully partnered with many well-known and new companies, offering them back-end support and marketing vehicle in India’s competitive markets. In addition to established companies, Quality Application Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an ultimate partner for start-ups in providing them a great head-start through its robust expertise.

We also, provide support in terms of

  • In-depth market research and analysis
  • Accurate sales forecast
  • Prospective customer demographics
  • Brand guidance
  • Extensive product training
  • Powerful sales tools