QAS Sales & Marketing


No advertising can ever beat a living, walking, and talking face of your brand!

We are incredibly proud of being India’s preferred field marketing agency helping brands market their products & services with our unique method termed ‘Human Advertising’. The goals of Human Advertising are:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Increased engagement with local buying communities.
  • Increased customer acquisition at targeted locations such as shopping centres, special events, offices, or at your doorstep.

Yes, we meet your prospective customers and market your product at their doorstep, leading to higher sales conversion. That's how effective we are!

We offer:

  • Field Marketing Services
  • Face-to-face Sales
  • Tele-sales
  • Event-based sales
  • Sectors

Apart from direct marketing, we also use an additional route to acquire customers for our clients in the form of telemarketing. Our well-experienced, knowledgeable, and trained team in the telemarketing field promotes the products and services for our clients intending to reach customers sitting at home or in offices who otherwise would not be accessible on the field or physically. This not only enables the clients to break geographical boundaries but also opens up newer markets to acquire a whole new set of customers, which ultimately leads to an increase in revenue.

Our focus is always on delivering well-informed, happy, and committed customers and donors who support our client’s business and causes over the long term.

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