Our Clients


Arun Thangapandian
Business Intelligence Specialist - Unicef India


“We can confidently say that whenever we are communicating with customers that have come through QASPL’s systems, the quality of the interaction that the customer has experienced is quite delightfully different; and for us that speaks a lot about the kind of quality of people in the back-end support system representing UNICEF India. We believe that QASPL is a big partner of us and therefore we are going to be there available for them as we take each step forward, together. QASPL has emerged as our largest avenue of customer acquisition and with their robust back office support system and stringent verification and application form processing methods; we rely heavily on them for higher conversions and lasting relationships with customers acquired through their systems. We are proud to be associated with QASPL and really cherish this relationship”

Dhananjay Uppoor
Sr Vice President – Sales


“QASPL reaches out to quality consumers and has a strong backbone of experience in connecting with customers door to door. The team is dedicated to handle all problems and ensure resolution. Our experiences working with QASpl has been wonderful and look forward to a lasting partnership with them in the years to come.”

Dr Harvinder Singh Bakshi
Chief Executive Officer


“QASPL’s wide reach of network marketing companies combined with their state-of-the-art back-office operations facility makes it a perfect solution for high quality customer service and large volumes of applications for processing. Their people, processes and planning are of top quality. The client servicing team is highly efficient, reliable, committed and professional in all their interactions with us. Having the right data in the right format is as critical as having the right system in place, and this is one of the many strengths of QASPL. We consider the working experience with the QASPL management as excellent and are looking forward to a lasting partnership with them.”

Althaf S
Fund Raising Officer – Unicef India

“The work done for us by the QASPL team has made a significant difference to our Individual Giving fundraising in India, thanks to their focus on attracting new supporters and offering excellent donor care. We’ve seen a significant increase in our donor base since 2019 when we started working with QASPL and are convinced that together we can do even more to acquire quality donors!”

Jyoti Gandhi
Deputy Director – Individual Giving, Save the Children, India

“QASPL is not an agency but a strong partner for Save the Children. We have been working together from 13 years. Our passion for the work for children align with each other. Even during the pandemic, QASPL transformed the way development sector worked in Face 2 Face fundraising, which is exemplary. Despite the challenges of lockdown, fears instilled in people around face-to-face interactions, QASPL has overcome all these challenges and stood out as a winner. It has been a great journey with their enthusiastic and super-efficient team. QASPL leaves everyone wondering about ‘the secret recipe’ behind their trained, professional, disciplined, passionate and energetic team members and their stellar pitches. Their work is outstanding and we are privileged to have a long-standing association with QASPL.”

Arvind Sharma

“I have been working with the QAS team for more than 12 years now, and I cannot thank or appreciate them enough for their invaluable contribution. A journey this long would have been extremely difficult without a strong support team at the back end and QAS has exactly been the true pillar of strength. I believe the smooth running of any organization depends on people who accept the responsibility of carrying out the day-to-day operations needed to help achieve the company's set goals. I would like to thank you for all your contributions to our business’s growth; be it resolving technical issues on time, or inputs in trouble shooting various customer service and financial issues. You really deserve this token of appreciation for all your hardworking effort and long extra hours that you have put in. Cheers to the entire team…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!”

Sandeep Kumar
Frontier Management System

“As much as a movie’s success depends on its onscreen characters; the off-screen artists play an equally important part. Such is the role that QASPL plays in my business, and in many others’. Alongside providing the best possible marketing solutions to its renowned clients, QASPL offers great opportunities & recognition for new business owners. Its commitment towards maintaining high quality & work standards give them added advantage over their competitors. A dedicated & utmost sincere team of professionals not only ensure smooth communication between the clients & customers, but also takes into consideration the general interest of everyone associated with them. I wish them a grand success on their path to connect people.”

Sahil Gupta

“Working with QAS operations team over past couple of years has made a significant difference to the business wherein work has become so easy.I have found the whole team to be very understanding and has been a pleasure to work with. Really appreciate the professionalism and expertise of QAS team”

Ankit Vaghela
Accord Inc

“I am very thankful to the QAS for all their support. They have made all my operations related work very easy and quick. The level of customer service provided by them has helped my organisation and all my team members to build trust with the customer for the service we provide them”

Yash Pandya
Kop Inc

“To run a business, you need a lot of departments who specialise in something or the other. Well, in my 3 years or entrepreneurship, whenever there was an issue be it finance, quality, operations, legality and even web presence, they have helped me in it all by being a one stop shop for all my needs. Kudos to the team. Keep up the great work.”

Arun Bhatt

“QAS as a company has gone out of its way to aid me as an entrepreneur in the smooth and oiled running of my enterprise nationally. The stand out point here being the prompt response team; whether I needed financial consultation, document verification or client relationship management they were always happy to help. It’s a big thumbs up to QAS team and its management from my end.”

Sandhya P
Innostus Inc.

“It’s been 4 years since I have been associated with QASPL, and I would like to thank the entire team for having everything set up for me to run a risk free business. Right from protecting and monitoring data’s of my business to managing finances, client and customer relationships, legalities and formalities, travels, meetings and more, they have been the perfect partner and support. QASpl is the backbone of my company! Keep doing the great work!”

Gaurav Yadav

“I have been working with QASPL since 2014. The experience has been really good, as the QASPL team have always helped me with all the critical data & back office support. The success ratio can increase for START-UPS if they can follow QASPL's working Ethics.”

R Surendaran
Focus Management

“It is very important to provide a good customer service. It may take extra resource, time and money to have a good service that often leads to greater customer satisfaction. The support we get from our backend is excellent and it has happened only because we have an operations and customer service team at QASPL. Thanks a lot everyone for all your support.”

Shreyas Parasrampuria
Floyd Inc

“Running a business without QAS team would not have not been possible for me; that’s how big a difference they make. From Finance to customer service to all of the legal procedures, everything becomes so smooth. I have been working with them for about 6 years now and have been very happy with their help .Thanks and cheers to this team.”

Landmark Global

“Landmark global have been associated with QASPL from 10 years. I have joined in the year of 2010, the best year was 2011 when I got promoted as an Owner and also 3 times won best office of the year. Here I learn how to dream big and achieve big, it’s a lifelong learning opportunity. I have joined with nothing but I have 5 offices in 3 different cities. QASPL given opportunity to expand my business to different cities and it provides unlimited opportunities.”

Kishore Tarachandani
Pioneers Organisation

“I am associated with QASPL for 21 yrs, they have been a fantastic support system all these yrs.

In 1998 from a team size of 2-3 people in QASPL india head office to a strength of around 100+ people in 2019 spread over different department's accounts & finance, operations, customer service etc are a major force that facilitates the smooth running of 160 office's & 3500 people all over india

Starting with 7 customer sign ups, in july 1998 to now processing 1,25,000 customer forms per month is a magnificent achievement.

The operations, accounts, customer service teams in QASPL ensure that everything from customer verification, checking & complete processing of forms to timely payments for all the ba's, managing all accounts of owners, everything is done with utmost perfection. Having them is like a roof above your head & walls around you that safe guards you from day to day challenges that you go through running a business. Thank you qaspl for all the support.”

Manish Rane
Manager - Administration-Facility-Procurement

“It gives me great pleasure to be working at QASPL. I am very thankful for the opportunity provided to me. Apart from a wonderful team, I’ve gained sufficient knowledge to discover my skills and gain relevant industry experience. I am proud to be part of QASPL and a wonderful team.”

Manoj Tiwari
Senior Admin

“What an amazing experience it has been to work for QASPL since the beginning! Working in this organisation has helped nurture my knowledge and has enhanced my personality, along with an understanding of how to react, respond, and look at any situation, problem, or case effectively. I would like to thank every single person in this organisation who has been a direct or indirect motivation for me, especially my seniors and team members.

Something which always keeps me inspired is  “being patient and having a zest for learning.” I believe we have so many things to achieve and develop in this business, such as soft skills, having a positive outlook and so much more.”

Smita Bhave
Manager- Internal Audit Operations

“I have been with QASPL for the last 13 years. Completing more than a decade with QASPL has been one of the most memorable moments filled with learning and growing within the organization. I am grateful to all my colleagues at QASPL who have contributed to my journey. My growth professionally and personally would not have been possible without their support. I look forward to many more years with qaspl contributing to the growth of the organization.

What I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with very lovely colleagues. I am also very grateful to QASPL for giving me the opportunity to discover a different profile within the organization and to develop it while gaining experience in the industry.

I am proud to be part of the QASPL family.”


“It's been a 4+ years of my journey with QASPL with a lot more to go. The exceptional pace of professional development in the collaborative environment, which one can hardly find in other places, brought me here and made me commit to pursue my career dream in this organisation. To be a part of, and work in QASPL is such a wonderful and a life-changing, experience that I've heard from former and current QASPL colleagues. I'm so happy and grateful to be a part of this company.”


“It has been a huge privilege working with QASPL for the last 5 years. QASPL has been a great enabler in offering new opportunities for learning and strengthening my inherent skill-sets. With its rich and diverse organizational culture, it has endowed me with the best-in-class mentors. I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. All the best for its continued growth and success in the days to come.”